Friday, May 2, 2008


Just a little screenshot of something that happened by accident when I tried to connect two parts of a river made with different water tiles.

Although I cannot use it in this area, I will definately rebuild it somewhere else... I think it looks awsome (much better ingame than on the screenshot).

What else? Oh, I finally got CNR to work, and some other scripting stuff. Now I'm connecting areas, make some "in between" ones (like the one on the screenshot) and have some new energy.

SM pointed me to a tileset I currently rebuild Rungholdt with, it's much darker now than on the old screenshots. A litle too dark for my taste actually, but better than the standard, and I don't want to use CC City Exterior until it's updated, which might take too long.

More later.

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Michael A. Sinclair said...

If that's too dark, you might try Pogo's Cities. There's six reskins in there, collected from different authors. It's a huge hak, but you can find one you like and extract it (you're the hack person, after all). I'd use them but I'm now too excited about NWAlleys to get rid of them.