Thursday, April 24, 2008

Re: The Top Ten

Yay, a lot of the top ten issues are solved now!

  1. The Wildshape issue: The solution was much easier than I thought. No feat changes, that would've been the more elegant but much trickier solution. No, just a simple item, you use it, a dialogue comes up and you can decide if your Level 12+ druid shapechages into the new, or into the old unimproved shapes. It was so easy to make it I actually wonder why I haven't seen that on any server I played on yet.
  2. The Blackguard's Succubus summon works pretty much the same way as the Druid wildhapes: At level 8 you get an item that you can use to decide whether to use the succubus or the Vrock.
  3. Summons have the HotU dialogue now, it was actually a simple matter of changing one line in a script.
  4. Summoned creatures can easily be customized, the hard thing is just finding the original summons so you can customize them. Ben_WH at the NWN forums pointed me to this excellent little package at the vault, so that problem is solved too. I already changed some of the more silly looking summons like some vampires. And no, the succubus still looks the same, hehe. Might work on some Enryes though. ;)
  5. SM is currently reworking the xp system for his module, and if I like it, I'll just bribe him to give it to me (or use more efficient methods like a knife, kidnapping his dog or whatever. Killing him and taking his laptop is not an option, I'll need him for future bugfixes).
  6. I already removed or reduced quite a few of the visual spell effects... for some reason clarity/mind blank didn't work, but I'm working on that.
Now I have some more things on my To-do list again though. One of the more pressing ones is the druid spellbook which should contain some additional cleric spells and so on. That'll require some tlk and 2da changes, but I remember having it done before, so I'm positive I'll get it done again.
And then of course... areas. If I want to put up an alpha version some day, I should at least connect the few I have and add some very basic ones like the still unfinished starting area, a basic item shop and so on.
That's it for now, back to the toolset.

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