Saturday, April 19, 2008

Top Ten of the most pressing things still to do

Here's my quick To-do list, please send Aspirin via email.

  • Database related: The decrease of killing XP
  • Database related: a more reliable system for persistant locations, without cluttering up the servervault
  • Database related: Persistant chests and a room renting system
  • Death system
  • The DMFI emote commands are still not reliable enough, need to change it to an external application w/o the need of listener NPCs and such.
  • Feat changes, especially Druid wild shape. I tried to get help on the NWN1 board, but no replies... is it really that hard? What I want is that a high level druid still has the option to use the non-improved shapes, eg. normal wolf instead of dire wolf.
  • Sounds easy, but haven't had any success yet: Dialogues for summoned creatures (e.g. "I need you to cast a spell", "I want you to change your tactics" etc). I know it can be done, it's done in Vives, but my attempts have been fruitless (I'm such a n00b).
  • Spell changes! Especially the visual effects, e.g. make spells that effect the mind invisible or remove the sparkling of protection from elements etc.
  • I'd like to change the appearance for some standard summons, e.g. a dire rat that has the CEP rat appearance (smaller) etc.
  • More work on summons (and other spells), esp. increase the duration. In a "slower" RP environment it can be frustrating having to rest and resummon your "roleplay-toy" every 5 minutes.

Wel that's my to-do list for now. I'm feeling dumb again, a skilled builder might do that in no time, and I have not even an idea where to start. Until I find out, I guess I'll try to make some generic house interiors and some naked dryads...


Michael A. Sinclair said...

W00t! Things I can help with!

I'm currently overhauling my own persistency system so it's lighter and sleeker. When I'm done, I'll send you a base module that's clean and that can be easily customized for your needs (unlike the original base I sent you, which contained hundreds of unifinished scripts and systems you didn't need).

- I'm designing an XP system based on the one we had worked on a while back, but more flexible. It borrows from some I found on the Vault and will let you increase or decrease the XP gained at each level, and even for individual monsters. It's on the back burner, though, so it may be a while before I'm done with it.

- Part of my persistency system is regular location saves. These are stored in a special table of the database, so you don't have to worry about it cluttering things up. You can make the saves as often as six seconds or as far apart as... well, there's no upper limit. My test server is set to 60 seconds for a balance between speed and efficiency.

- There's a persistent chest system in the base module I gave you, but I'm also fixing that up to be lighter and require less storage space in the database. I also have an inn system in the works. When I have something to show, I'll send you these, and then customize them based on your needs/criticisms.

- I can work on a custom death system for you. I'm planing out my own, but it's rather specific to the world, so I don't think it would be much help. Let me know what you want and I can work it out for you.

- The new OnPlayerChat module event allows you to do voice emotes without the need for listeners. I'm going to be designing a system here, too, though you might want to look into FunkySwerve's SIM Tools (available on the Vault) since you use NWNX.

- I'm pretty sure I can do all of the things you listed that reference summoned creatures. Some of it is toolset work and some of it is scripting. If you email me with specifics I'll do what I can.

- Ditto on the spell effects. Let me know what spells you want to have changed and how you want them changed (do you want the effects totally gone, just to last for a few seconds, etc.).

Feat changes I can do nothing about, unless they're totally controlled with scripting (such as Bard Song). If you want help with any of the stuff listed above, let me know. If you want to try to tackle it yourself, I understand (seeing as how I look at everyone else's systems and then throw them away to make my own, I cna't complain :P).


Casa said...

Michael, you're a saint. You know that I appreciate any help you can offer. :)

If you can design anything, that'd be great, and of course I'll take it. However, that way I won't learn it myself and would need you again for any future fixes and tweaking... But at the moment I'm stuck again, so.. let's talk. :)