Monday, November 14, 2016


Well hello out there! Anyone still following?
Tonight I felt horribly bored and suddenly missed my old roleplaying days in Dammendrech. I fired up pretty much every RPG I still have on my hard drive, from Fallout 4 to Baldur's Gate, and nothing really inspired me but one little thing... building settlements in FO4 is kinda fun. But such a waste of time. You can make yourself a wonderful little home and it's just lifeless, nothing going on there... Well, long story short, I miss building. And roleplaying. Both. But for now, building.

If anyone of you talented builder folks out there are still reading this, I've got a question:
I made a lot of areas and other stuff for Middleforest, some of that I really like. But for now, if I really build something again, I'd rather start with something small, some tiny areas with lots of stuff in it, creative building for myself, some NPCs that do something... anyway, I did soooooo much work with my haks back then, tlk edits, whatever, and I can't for my life remember what it all was and how to do it, nor do I want to start making haks from scratch again. I just want to start building.
Sooo... I know some people use loose files in campaign folders for their modules, and that reminded me... wasn't there some way to easily extract or even have the toolset/game "autoextract" only the files from haks that it actually uses? Without me having to dig into my gigabytes of Middleforest haks for weeks again?

Also, if you have a recommendation for multiplayer servers that are still alive, I'm listening.