Monday, November 14, 2016


Well hello out there! Anyone still following?
Tonight I felt horribly bored and suddenly missed my old roleplaying days in Dammendrech. I fired up pretty much every RPG I still have on my hard drive, from Fallout 4 to Baldur's Gate, and nothing really inspired me but one little thing... building settlements in FO4 is kinda fun. But such a waste of time. You can make yourself a wonderful little home and it's just lifeless, nothing going on there... Well, long story short, I miss building. And roleplaying. Both. But for now, building.

If anyone of you talented builder folks out there are still reading this, I've got a question:
I made a lot of areas and other stuff for Middleforest, some of that I really like. But for now, if I really build something again, I'd rather start with something small, some tiny areas with lots of stuff in it, creative building for myself, some NPCs that do something... anyway, I did soooooo much work with my haks back then, tlk edits, whatever, and I can't for my life remember what it all was and how to do it, nor do I want to start making haks from scratch again. I just want to start building.
Sooo... I know some people use loose files in campaign folders for their modules, and that reminded me... wasn't there some way to easily extract or even have the toolset/game "autoextract" only the files from haks that it actually uses? Without me having to dig into my gigabytes of Middleforest haks for weeks again?

Also, if you have a recommendation for multiplayer servers that are still alive, I'm listening.


Kamal said...

I requested a way to have the toolset identify only the stuff it uses, but while it may technically be feasible it's very unlikely to happen. I would suggest having a building module with everything, then when you finish an area place the stuff you use into the real module. You can use the same 2das between them.

eu4 console commands said...

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ark commands said...

Wow I build a whole base in ark in private match and I decided to change my character and the stuff didnt be long to me anymore and I deleted the world and started rebuilding and I could of done this. FUCK!!!!