Monday, May 5, 2008

A Nightwalk

Here are some new screenies, a walk in and around Rungholdt at night. I'm slowly getting the atmosphere right, I think. The areas are still missing a lot of content, but I think one can already see where it's going... well, here we go.

A view over Rungholdt's marketplace

Anna, my new love. She makes me grin every time I test the area. All she does is dancing, but I think at this she's extremely talented.

The cathedral with small alleys around it.

One of those dozens of small alleys - Rungholdt is a maze.

Top view on Rungholdt's Redlight district - it's a part of he docks of course.

The redlight district from a different angle

The bridge to the city gate

The road to Rungholdt

Niederhoeve: The tavern

And finally, a view on a misty river in the early morning hours.

On a sidenote, I just realize that Safari seems to have problems with Blogger... meh, back to Firefox.


Michael A. Sinclair said...

Wow! It's simply incredible what you're accomplishing, Casa. All of these are beautiful. :)

My building is coming very slow because (a) my natural desire for symmetry is keeping me from designing with a very organic feel and (b) I'm having trouble deciding what to design. Any suggestions for how you overcome that?

Casa said...

Well... just draw an area, mark where the transitions should be, and then go wild. I simply throw down lot of stuff, zoom in, decide what looks good and what not, delete what's not good... all those areas are trial and error, I got the idea of the area's purpose while building.
Symmetry is often the main issue... I often start with symmetric building first, but then delete it all and just paint down a whole mess of buildings... well, and then I try to clean up that mess, and that's how stuff like the redlight district suddenly happens... I can't tell you anymore, it just happens somhow.

And now start up your NWN and look at Anna!