Saturday, May 17, 2008

A quick armor rant

I'm usually not the type who'd rant about the poor work of others openly, but sometimes I can't resist.
I sometimes browse the Vault looking for ideas, and now and then I come across a module or world that uses the same stuff I'm building with.

What I just came across is another thing I just don't get... as you've read before, I'm using Valine's ACAG hak which includes a lot of armor parts of the sexier sort. I enjoy making armors with it, combined with the CEP there are great possibilities for sexy, but tasteful stuff. Let me show you a quick example of some armors I threw together in a matter of minutes (I included some plain underwear of the not-so-naughty sort on the right of the screenshot, just to show that those armor parts are in too):

As I said, thrown together in no time. They are not great, one can still argue if they are too open or sexy for NWN, but anyway, they still look like outfits.
What I don't get is, why do people use this hak when they don't even bother to change the standard armors? When you just throw in the armors from the standard palette, the result is at least as bad as this:

And I swear, this looks still much better than what I saw on some screenshots that were meant to advertise a module. I tried to find the armors that look so bad on those screenies, but what you see above is all I could find in the hurry.

I resist to grab screens from the vault or name the mods I'm talking about....

I think the ACAG hak, tasteful or not, nudity or not, still contains some high quality clothing parts, and within a few minutes you can make some really nice outfits with it. I just fail to understand that people don't even try. If you throw a hak like this into your module without changing anything at all, it's no wonder people think it looks ridiculous or silly....

Well, rant is over, just had to let that out.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks it best that thou shouldst not dwell upon the failings of others, my Lord, lest they deign to challenge you to create that which is better. I agree, the vast majority of armor types have one of two major problems:

1) Absolutely no historical reason for existing (I.E., most of the heavy armors in the main module);

2) Absolutely nothing more than some teenage mind attempting to create a 'high fantasy' appearance (E.G., spiders glued onto one's chest as nipple adornments).

Armor is supposed to be protective first, and all other considerations secondary...though I've found that with the right models and colorings, there /are/ some nice things out there. can but hope that someone will be able to bridge the gap.

Chakravartan Marilith