Thursday, March 13, 2008


So... who needs another NWN mod (especialy a persistant world) anyway? Probably noone, but that's not the point. First point is creating something on my own, instead of just consuming other people's work. Second point is, creating something exactly how I want it, without compromises. If anyone else likes it, even better, if not, no biggie.

Over the last two years or so I didn't really get many ideas about what I want to do, but I got a whole lot of ideas about what I don't want. So let's start with the "no" list:

  • Forgotten Realms. Noone needs yet another Forgotten Realms mod. There are enough. Thousands. Millions. I'm bored of the Forgotten Realms, and I also have no real knowledge about them. I might turn into a real geek some day, but for now I'm only a n00bish geek.
  • The PnP handbook. Ugh. I'm tired to get that one slapped into my face. Shoo!
  • General stereotypes, might it be classes, monsters, the setting, whatever. There will be stereotypes, of course, but I hope they'll be different from those stereotypes known so well from the thousands of other mods and worlds.
  • A child safe, political correct setting. Hmm... no, I'm not gonna censor myself. I don't care about the amount of players (if there will ever be any playing this), and I can live with shutting the door for half of them or more. I don't want to deal with angry parents or kids too young to understand the most basic rules, so I think I'll go for a PG 18 mod just to be on the safe side.
Now for what I want:

  • An immersive world. Main goal. Atmosphere above all.
  • Roleplay focus with a very low Hack and Slay factor. A lot of alternatives to simple mob killing, but without keeping action out at all. Those who want to kill shall kill, those who don't should get their levels as well.
  • A friendly atmosphere with not too many rules.
This is just the basic layout, the details will follow...

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