Thursday, March 13, 2008

The pain of making a Neverwinter Nights mod from scratch

And this is little journal about it, basically just to remind myself that there's work to do. Oh, and maybe I can impress someone with those great screenshots I'm gonna take. Or keep others from trying the same by showing what a pain in the a** it can be to get the basics done, especially if you have no interest in all the technical stuff that keep you from doing the fun things like... building a gorgeous area or such.

Well, here we go, let's see how it turns out.

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Michael A. Sinclair said...

Great idea to put up this blog! It's great to be able to see the work you're doing, and I know it's helpful to be able to organize your thoughts by putting them in writing. I've set up a similar blog to track my progress. Feel free to comment or criticize. :)