Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A quick cross-promotion

... following Michael's example, I feel obliged to point my two readers at Ben Harrison's blog about his new persistent world project, The End Times. Ben's been a tremendous help back when I was still working on a NWN1 world, which unfortunately never happened (and I still feel bad about asking for so much help and in the end never making anything out of it).
Talented as he is, I'm sure that PW will be one you want to play on.

While you're at it, make sure to visit Michael's blog more often too - if NWN1 is still on your hard drive, you'll definitely want to try out his world once it's public, he has assembled a nice staff of very talented people by now and I'm sure whatever comes out in the end will be fantastic.

As for my building... I'm slowly getting used to the thought that I really have to start over again. My plea for help at the Bioboards was heard and people came up with good ideas, but nothing helped. Well, maybe I can file it under learning lessons for life. At least I learned a lot about the toolset since I began working on the areas, and maybe a new start will be easier, faster and a little more professional now. Just sad to know I should forget about those huge fields and grasslands, pity, I really liked those. :P

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Ben Harrison said...

Thanks, Casa, that means a lot.

And I'm sorry to hear about the loss of work. Looking on the bright side, I bet you'll find that rebuilding goes much more smoothly than when you first started the project, and you might find yourself looking back and seeing that your re-done work is even better than what you had before.

Good luck, and if I can help in any way (despite knowing very little about NWN2) I'd be glad to any time.