Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did you know...

... that it can take more than 12 hours just to make a f*%!ing dock piece walkable in NWN2's toolset?!
Still working on it, my eyes feel like marshmallows.


Ben Harrison said...

It's that bad? NWN1's walkmeshes (at model level) aren't that big a deal.

Don't forget to take a break now and then!

Casa said...

The single placeables ae walkable anyway, the unnerving part is, making a walkable dock out of more than one single piece. Logic tells me, you place one dock part and align the 2nd part and all should work fine. Practically though, Rungholt's new docks took 14 hours of trial and error until you could finally walk from one end to the other. Rungholt 1.0 took as long too, btw, and I won't even start with the city walls - making those walkable is such a major hassle players will simply have to live without it.