Sunday, February 8, 2015

So yeah... I have that new blog...

Hey ho... well, my Middleforest project is dead, and so seems to be this blog about it... I didn't really feel like ranting about other games again like I used to, although Dragon Age Inquisition provided a lot of good reasons... But, I kept myself busy with other stuff lately that involves going out and getting some fresh air and all that. So I decided to try blogging about that instead. So if you're interested in rants about other things, like... photography maybe... feel free to keep an eye on my new blog, not much to see there yet but that'll probably change soon.


Kamal said...

If you are going to give up on Middleforest, please submit what you have to The areas you have shown are great, and I'm sure people would want to use them.

Casa said...

Hey Kamal. The problem is they'd have to use my complete set of haks too, which is gigabytes of mess not compatible with anything else. Opening the areas without the exact hak set will result in a big pile of rubbish... I didn't consider it worthwile. Also, uploading will take me weeks.
As I said before, Cipher has access to everything, if he wants to upload it I'm fine with it.

I don't even know where my haks are now, probably somewhere on an external disk I stored away. The module - I don't know how recent - is still in my dropbox.

Kamal said...

Trust me, there are people that would like to get their hands on them. There are people willing to take apart haks, in fact someone just offered to do exactly that on the forums for an old PW,

Your area design and the "atmosphere" was always exceptional.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Casa,

Sorry to hear the project has come to an end ... All the best with your new project!

However, I second what Kamal said ... :)