Friday, April 25, 2014

A little sign of life

Oh, hey there. Quite dusty here.
So, as you might have imagined Middleforest is pretty much dead. Well, it certainly smells funny and my life has changed enough during the last 2 years that I'm pretty certain I won't touch the toolset anytime soon again. I'll be back when NWN3 is out and I'm having another depression I guess. Currently I'm trying to get to Uni (have to pass a few tests, wish me luck) to study something completely different, and I'm really looking forward to that. It might not be totally unrelated to Middleforest, but has nothing to do with game design, design and the crap I did before. Wooo!
Anyway, Middleforest might be dead for now, but there's a little hope that some of it's DNA will live on... I gave the whole module to Cipher and gave him permission to use whatever he wants in his Game of Thrones PW. I hope he'll be more successful than I was, keep a look at his work. Who knows, if I ever get an itch again, maybe I'll plant some trees in his areas or send him a few not lore-friendly naked elves.
As for blogging, I had the vague idea of making another blog, dunno if anyone would be interested. For the last year or so I rediscovered photography again after years of absence (working for a pro-photographer ruined my hobby) and made a busload of concert photos, along with some street- and some amateurish "home studio" photography. All not on a professional level, but I'm having lots of fun and it's a hobby that gets me more into real life and people again. I'm already sitting on a huge pile of pics I personally like a lot, and - a little connection to gaming - I thought about getting in contact with cosplayers or LARPers maybe for some portraits... let me know what you think, it might be a project for the later summer (Gamescom is here in August), if I overcome my shyness and agoraphobia until then. ;)

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