Friday, December 14, 2012

Stop teasing me! Oh, and some music stuffs.

Just stumbled over this while reading Tchos' development diary ---
GOD! How long have I wanted a watermill in NWN2? This is so gorgeous! Beautiful! Amazing!
What a goddamn shame it's from Skyrim and therefore will probably never be available for us. Hey Mr. Mysterious modder, show yourself and make us stuff like this we can actually use! Pretty please? And while you're on it, please do all my custom content wishes for me... ah well, let's start slow.

Another little teaser comes from Tchos himself, I like that:

This video raised a few questions maybe some of you might answer:

1. Do you have any recommendations on free music in a similar style? I was always hoping to find some appropriate tavern music, medieval style, that is free to use. If you have tips on ambient music too, I might be interested - but I'm very picky here! As some might remember, Michael's tip on Arcanum's soundtrack was so far the best addition. If you know of any other free game music in a similar style, I'd be very interested. I'm NOT interested in any Synthie or modern-ish styles though, it must be classic, classy and atmospheric.

2. I was happy to see that old NWN1-style music effect, I also liked the Zzzzz for sleep which I would like to have back too. But I was wondering, does anyone know about flavor text in NWN1's and how to add it?

Finally let me praise Xaltar's Facelift pack again:

I nitpicked a bit about that in the comments, I know, but still... why did it take so long until someone finally did a mod like this that quality-wise goes through the roof compared to the vanilla stuff? I might have some issues with the makeup etc, but still, these heads eliminate the horrible "I have a flashlight in my mouth" problem of the vanilla heads, they look a few years more modern and actually COULD start a wave of new content - because so much else in the game is not on par with the quality of these heads and hopefully some people will say "Hmm, the base armor's texture doesn't work with these heads anymore, I need a retexture...." etc. etc.
I'd say this pack can be a huge advertising for NWN2 (and you should try it right away!). So kudos to Xaltar and hopefully it'll be an inspiration to others.


Kamal said...

Flavor text like text popups when you enter an area? I have a trigger with an OnEnter script. The first time you enter it looks for a string on itself, and then plays it for the pc as an overhead/chatbox message.

Sherincall said...

I'm guessing you have all the S&S scripts.. There are flavor triggers in there, easy to use (I think you can have different text based on time of day, etc). The scripts should work with NWN2 as well.

If I remember correctly, you can also specify an effect on the character while he's in the trigger, so you can have a -4 to spot in a dark room with a text describing the darkness.

Casa said...

Thanks guys, I'll have a look!

Michael A. Sinclair said...

I found some good ambient music here. While there's no download link, you can add one with an extension like SoundCloud Storm.

Kamal said...

I use Jamendo for music, as their music is all creative commons licensed.

Henesua said...

The way area descriptions and flavor text descriptions worked in Vives was a SendMessageToPC. Thats the NWN1 code. I don't know how that works in NWN2.

Since you were also a Viveser I assume that was what you were asking about.