Thursday, October 6, 2011


Just reinstalled NWN2 on my beloved little Apple lappy (in Bootcamp, ha!) when I heard the bad news, so yeah, this is NWN2 related.
Goodbye, mister Jobs... thanks for having given me this bedwarmer that still runs my favorite game, and trusty old iPod. And all that other stuff I used or had to use, including the Microsoft "inventions". ;)
Having used your computers for 14 years and staying updated on any hardware news (even if I couldn't care less about all those gadgets you introduced lately) there was no way around you and it's hard not to be a little sad to see you pass. Even if often I could've sent a bag full of dog turds to your company and many times promised only to build Windows Peecees anymore. Even if I couldn't care less about iPhones as long as they don't run NWN2. Rest in peace old chap. 


Michael A. Sinclair said...

RIP, Jobs.

But hey, you re-installed NWN2? You getting back to work on Middleforest?

Casa said...

So you're alive, huh? :D

Lately I'm in a building mood again, but the whole technical side was giving me too much headache to continue. But besides that, NWN2 has always been on my big comp, after all I'm still playing from time to time.
I just got a cheap lappy for free I can use as a server, which also made me consider it again... who knows, maybe I'll update the blog with a NWN post again soon. Stll have a DA2 post to make tho, and IO just got Witcher 2 yesterday...

Soo, Michael... you're available? :)

Michael A. Sinclair said...

I am indeed available, and I've been silently doing a little work on my own module for a few weeks. Sherincall also just got back in contact with me, so we're kicking around some thing back on the S&S forums.

I still have NWN2 installed, so we can meet up ingame sometime if'n you'd like.

Casa said...

I'll drop you a PM over at your place. :)