Saturday, December 18, 2010

There are no words...

.. to describe all the feelings this message causes in me.
Seriously... I want to go on a killing spree, I want to break stuff, I want to...
What the hell do you want from me, autodownloader?
Yes, I admit I've been a bad bad Casa and decided to clean up my Middleforest module. That means, I exported all areas, made a new module by the same name, with all the scripts and blueprints and stuff, reimported everything, used the exact same module properties, used the exact same settings for the autodownloader, assigned the exact same servers, assigned the exact same files to them... WHAT THE FUCK?!

Seriously, I hate hate hate hate hate this thing. It cost me 4 hours so far, all the settings are the same as in the old module and all the files it wants sit on the server just waiting to be used.

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Anonymous said...

Do you want some help setting up your PW, you can email me at Kanbyen .at. yahoo dot com

We also have an IRC channel that a lot of the NWN2 guys that have PWs and dev stuff hang out in. go in #nwn2cr

Btw loved the screens of the mist area using RWS cliffs.