Friday, November 20, 2009

The areas I'm working on now

Some work in progress screens for you. The first area is a loooong road over a huuuuge bridge and it's the outskirts of Rungholt. I'm still a little unsure about it, it looks better in game than on the screens at least. Hmm.
The second area is one I just started yesterday, I simply wanted to have a forest. Now, forests in NWN2 are not that easy actually, you have to spam trees like mad to make it at least a little immersive. NWN1 was easier with the forest tileset, and much less ressource hungry. Still, I'm not completely disappointed - just don't look too close at the textures and grass, I was getting impatient and sloppy... need to fix that.

Rungholt outskirts - lots of farms and grass

A little closer to the bridge

A lake near the forest

I'm hopelessly romantic, I know....

Deeper in the forest

Oh look, an old mine!

The forest road - no other way south, hope there's no bandits in the bushes...


Amraphael said...

Impressive area design! I don't think I've seen so good looking NWN2 exterior areas ever. Dare to share a release date yet?

Casa said...

Haha... never? I can't say... sometime in spring I told Michael I want to have something up and running this winter, and I'm still far from that. I have a few nice areas, and that's pretty much it, no quests, no real script work, not even a few real adventuring areas yet. And I'm shying away from all the "must do" work that is no fun at all and way too geeky for a retard like me, like scripting and working with 2das and all that. So... no release date for you, although I hope I can at least get to the point of a small beta in the near future.

Michael A. Sinclair said...

Wow, very impressive. The forest is very immersive, and I know that must be hard to do. Glad to see you're moving along.

My old laptop is finally beginning to groan and moan (I think the cooling fan is dying), so I might be in the market for a new PC sometime soon. Can't wait to be able to run NWN2 after seeing these screenshots.

Ben Harrison said...

I'd have been much more tempted by NWN2 if most other screenshots I've seen were half as nice as yours; a lot of NWN2 exteriors seem really plastic-y and unnatural, which you've avoided completely.

Great work.