Saturday, September 5, 2009


Autumn's coming, and with it new ideas for areas. I'm currently working on new exterior areas, but thought as a proof I did something since my last post, I'd show you a few of the Rungholt interiors I made. I still need much more, and not all of them are good yet, but to give you a general idea how the houses look like on the inside, here we go...

A noble tavern

One of the simple pubs

Once again from the entrance

A different pub

The Rungholt Brewery


Michael A. Sinclair said...

Very nice! I like that your interiors are tightly designed. One of the things that's been a pet peeve of mine lately is when interiors are massive with no justifications.

Keep up the good work. :)

Ben Harrison said...

Wow, they actually look like real interiors; I've been in a few old-fashioned dingy inns before (don't ask) and you've really captured the scale and atmosphere.

Keep the screenshots coming!