Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little more detail

Bored of Rungholt yet? Well, I'm slowly getting to the point where I'd rather make some screens of new areas too, but, well... perfectionism. As I said in my last post, I'm a bit worried about performance here. It's not unplayable, but I'm getting serious framerate drops at some camera angles, and I'm pretty sure the cause is area size coupled with all the water throughout the city. The framerate doubles when I disable all water options, so that's a sure sign my theory isn't that far off. Of course I'm using a lot of placeables too, but them and the trees and lights and all don't seem to cause that much trouble alone. But at this point I'm just thinking "live with it", the area works, computer systems will catch up in time, hehe. So some more Rungholt pics..

A slum camp just ouutside the walls

An alley with red lanterns

The elven quarter

My favourite "isle"

Again, and yes I see there's a piece of wall missing...

One shot with the standard day/night cycle


Amraphael said...

Awesome screen shots! The first of the camp and the red lantern alley are stunning. You're obviously a very talented area designer.

Sherincall said...

Someone fetch me a new jaw.

Josh said...

Very impressive design work, yet again :)

Michael A. Sinclair said...

Fantastic! Things always start seeming easier to me when the details come together.

*starts looking for a new computer*

Casa said...

Thanks for all the praises guys, you really keep me going after fighting autodownloaders for 10 hours again or finding out I'm such an idiot when it comes to the most simple scripts. I also apologize for not being more active in the blogosphere and commenting much more on your stuff etc. etc., I'm just so self centered and usually only tear my hair out over the mess I created again.
I just hope You won't be too disappointed should you ever have a chance to actually play what I make here, I'm still not satisfied with a lot of it, my interiors look dull, the performance of the city is horrible... ugh, I should better make my posts after I had some rest. :)