Friday, July 24, 2009

Rebuilding a city again?

Here's a new Screenie for you:

Notice anything? Like... there's no terrain? No water? No textures?
Well, this is the best result that I could get after reverse-engineering the files the new autodownloader had prepared for me. In the process of preparing the files it was smart enough to erase everything from my module directory, apparently. Well, something did, and and I assume it was the autodownloader, or it's another new toolset "feature".
Want to hear more? It did not happen once, it happened twice. The first time I thought it was a mistake I made, was sure I can avoid it the next time and loaded up a backup - I was smart enough to backup my module folder before testing, uh huh.
Well, I forgot to make a backup of the backup though, and as you can guess, the toolset ruined my backup. Well done.
I honestly can't say how much more I'm able to stand... this is the second time in less than two months I can start from scratch. I consider dropping the whole thing, it's really getting too much.


Ben Harrison said...

I really want to say something encouraging, but I think I'd scream if that'd just happened to me.

Maybe work on other areas for a while, or focus on scripts/NPCs and when/if you're having fun with it again, give the city another try? Although I secretly think you should come back to NWN1...

Michael A. Sinclair said...

Wow, my sentiments are Ben's exactly. I honestly dunno how you manage to find the inspiration to keep going. I'd have given up by now.

On the other hand, some of the greatest achievements in life were accomplished by those who didn't know when to quit, so... *raises a coffee mug in toast* Here's to better luck with your building.

paulokrantz said...

Adding my name to the number of those who wonder where you find the energy to keep restarting work after such incidents.
From a development point of view, I consider the reliability of the tools the most important requirement. It's true that such events could also be seen as a chance to remake at a higher quality level what was already made and then lost, but on the other hand, the real issue is not what was lost, it is rather what will be lost next time to a new unforeseen bug.
I have been using for years utilities that are buggy, but they are reliable in their bugginess, I know what the bugs are, and I have developed my workarounds, there are no surprises coming.
But honestly, since NWN2 was released, I read about all sort of puzzling and surprising issues, often so critical that they go backwards and ruin what was already created. I find it unacceptable, and if I were in your shoes, I'd seriously be considering moving back to NWN1 for the MP/PW world, and maybe wait for Dragon Age if you ever are interested in the SP platform.

Mask said...

I read this entry.. and winced. Then again it does take a certain kind of crazy to begin in the first place so..

Regardless, That's impressive dedication. Reminds me of the Knight in Monty Python and hte Holy Grail.

Black Knight: 'Tis but a scratch.
King Arthur: A scratch? Your arm's off.
Black Knight: No it isn't.
King Arthur: What's that, then?
Black Knight: *after a pause* I've had worse.