Sunday, March 22, 2009

First steps

I've started rebuilding the city with the medieval city hak now. To my great delight the hak did not break too much, although there were some minor conflicts with 3C, and even installing the Storm of Zehir expansion didn't break it all.
Yesterday I borrowed a day/night cycle from lowfatpretzels, it's a very dark and gritty one and fills the city with a light similar to being close to a thunderstorm. Even though I'd never use it as a standard, I like the feel of it - you can almost feel and smell the thick air and expect a thunder coming anytime. So even though I don't really have much to show, I made some screens with the buildings I already placed. I'm not satisfied with the basic layout anymore, but spent too much time working on this to start over again. From now on I'll improvise - this is far from being "clean, logical" building. Actually it's just a great mess, but we'll see... :)

A view from the docks

From the city wall down to the patrician quarter

The patrician quarter

Way to the harbor

View from Rungoldt's entrance


Sherincall said...

Those look fascinating enough to make me wanna buy NWN2.. Great job.

Michael A. Sinclair said...

Looking awesome. I wish NWN1 had bloom lighting. That's one of the things I love about Oblivion. I've even managed to tweak the lighting in that game to look like HDR.

Glad to see you making progress, even if it is frustrating sometimes.