Sunday, January 25, 2009

Building a city

I think I'm making some progress. I should, because I've spent the last two nights awake and my sleeping pattern is a total mess again. The screenshots in my last post looked really ugly and plain, but now I think I have the basic idea of the layout of each quarter in my head and work slowly from one end to the next. The last three days went without much walkmesh problems, the docks finaly work and I decided the walls don't have to be walkable if they don't want to be, quite the opposite actually - walking the walls would only reveil the little optical tricks I'm trying to build in.
Anyway, my current project is the dockside quarter and the poor side of he city. I've spent two days puzzling some buildings together and I think I'm getting somewhere. The tinting of most buildings seems to be quite limited, I'm getting a different look than I originally intended, but I can't say I'm disappointed so far. Actually, I'd rather show off some screenies that might give an idea of what I'm aiming at.
On a sidenote, this area will be huge, it's 16x16 so far (which is the upper limit of what is recommended), and I'm throwing placeables in like crazy. The reason for this is that NWN2 doesn't support that many individual areas. In NWN1 I'd break the city into 4 smaller parts (as I actually did), but in NWN2 I'll have to get as much into one area as possible. From Dammendrech I know that huge city areas with thousands of placeables can be playable, however, the loading time will probably be horrible. But for a non-hostile area, I think it's okay to enforce a little coffee break. I can just hope computer systems will catch up with what I'm doing in the future. So far it runs quite smooth on my system, but I'm only 10% done yet, and my computer is not lowest end. However, the idea of players running through it on lowest graphics settings is scary... We'll see, it's too late to stop now.

The docks again, this time with water.

A different view on the two cranes. A few placeables are already scattered around, but too plain still. ;)

An alley, cramped as they shall all be.

View towards the small dockside market I'm currently working on. I'm still unsure about the bridge, and I have to change that horrible default day/night cycle.

From a different angle. I hope the small canals will give the city an unique feel.


Michael A. Sinclair said...

Wow, I'm getting jealous. :P

Love the canals. They popped out at me and said, "this is something new and exciting!" Also, the alley looks very picturesque. Reminds me of some of the photos you showed me of Germany. :)

Keep up the great work, and keep posting delicious screenshots!

Ben Harrison said...

Glad to see you're making progress, Casa. Those screenshots make me want to try my hand at the NWN toolset too...

As much as you hate them, the power to define walkmeshes (and the ability to landscape at all, in fact) from within the toolset would be awesome.

As SM said, keep the screenshots coming!