Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some progress outside the world

Well, the module gives me some little problems again. At the moment I'm trying to reanimate the DMFI... it stopped working a while ago and I couldn't yet find out why.
Huh, DMFI? Oh yes, that's the set of tools, scripts and nifty stuff from the Dungeon Master-Friendly Initiative , a must for every persistant world that wants to show off a bit. For players the nicest addition is usually the speech command system, you say *sits* and your character sits down... and of course the languages. Well, but that's exactly what doesn't work anymore, and so far I haven't figured out why.
On the positive side of things, Ben sent me some fixes for my haks, which means, no more crashes and incompatibilities with certain haks and tilesets. Finally I can make those interiors I had to put back two weeks ago. Yay.

Outside the mod, you probably noticed the new logo and blog layout (I hope you did, and I hope you like it - I do). Credits must be given to lowfatpretzels who had to look through my dozens of pics and gave some useful tips ( the thin red line! ).

I also opened a forum. Uh huh. I know, it might be way too soon, but who knows how long it'll take me to learn how to run it. It's linked on the right, you can go there and spam the Off topic section so I can delete it or whatever. Or not. It'll take a few more weeks until the forum will have a real use, I guess. :)


Chakravartan Marilith said...

Well? You've had a break, where's the progress? *chuckles* Not that it's that easy...but I really did like that series of screenies walking through the Niederhoven area...very nice atmosphere there. Keep it up, and drop me a line if you need anything.

Michael A. Sinclair said...

Chakra's sentiment is my own. Quit playing and start building so we can revel in your awesome-ness. :)

Casa said...

*long sigh* It's not that easy at the moment, guys... I think I lost my faith a little bit again.
But I did a few things, not much but a nice area and some funny items I could show off in a new entry. Getting it all glued together is my biggest problem at the moment though and getting a feeling again that I actually want to play in the world. :-/