Monday, November 14, 2016


Well hello out there! Anyone still following?
Tonight I felt horribly bored and suddenly missed my old roleplaying days in Dammendrech. I fired up pretty much every RPG I still have on my hard drive, from Fallout 4 to Baldur's Gate, and nothing really inspired me but one little thing... building settlements in FO4 is kinda fun. But such a waste of time. You can make yourself a wonderful little home and it's just lifeless, nothing going on there... Well, long story short, I miss building. And roleplaying. Both. But for now, building.

If anyone of you talented builder folks out there are still reading this, I've got a question:
I made a lot of areas and other stuff for Middleforest, some of that I really like. But for now, if I really build something again, I'd rather start with something small, some tiny areas with lots of stuff in it, creative building for myself, some NPCs that do something... anyway, I did soooooo much work with my haks back then, tlk edits, whatever, and I can't for my life remember what it all was and how to do it, nor do I want to start making haks from scratch again. I just want to start building.
Sooo... I know some people use loose files in campaign folders for their modules, and that reminded me... wasn't there some way to easily extract or even have the toolset/game "autoextract" only the files from haks that it actually uses? Without me having to dig into my gigabytes of Middleforest haks for weeks again?

Also, if you have a recommendation for multiplayer servers that are still alive, I'm listening.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Huh? Where did this come from?

2015 seems to get more and more promising regarding RPGs... sign me up for this one too!

Don't forget though, never preorder games.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

So yeah... I have that new blog...

Hey ho... well, my Middleforest project is dead, and so seems to be this blog about it... I didn't really feel like ranting about other games again like I used to, although Dragon Age Inquisition provided a lot of good reasons... But, I kept myself busy with other stuff lately that involves going out and getting some fresh air and all that. So I decided to try blogging about that instead. So if you're interested in rants about other things, like... photography maybe... feel free to keep an eye on my new blog, not much to see there yet but that'll probably change soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Getting Dragon Age Facebook updates from Bioware, seeing another Emo-Character included as fanservice for troubled teenagers... Bioware won't sell me any games anymore I'm afraid.

And if Obsidian was my last hope for good RPGs, well, yeah, Pillars of Eternity is coming for the real oldschool kick, but instead of another Fallout New Vegas they're working on a World of Tanks-clone now. I'd say my RPG addiction is finally cured, real life here I come.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A little sign of life

Oh, hey there. Quite dusty here.
So, as you might have imagined Middleforest is pretty much dead. Well, it certainly smells funny and my life has changed enough during the last 2 years that I'm pretty certain I won't touch the toolset anytime soon again. I'll be back when NWN3 is out and I'm having another depression I guess. Currently I'm trying to get to Uni (have to pass a few tests, wish me luck) to study something completely different, and I'm really looking forward to that. It might not be totally unrelated to Middleforest, but has nothing to do with game design, design and the crap I did before. Wooo!
Anyway, Middleforest might be dead for now, but there's a little hope that some of it's DNA will live on... I gave the whole module to Cipher and gave him permission to use whatever he wants in his Game of Thrones PW. I hope he'll be more successful than I was, keep a look at his work. Who knows, if I ever get an itch again, maybe I'll plant some trees in his areas or send him a few not lore-friendly naked elves.
As for blogging, I had the vague idea of making another blog, dunno if anyone would be interested. For the last year or so I rediscovered photography again after years of absence (working for a pro-photographer ruined my hobby) and made a busload of concert photos, along with some street- and some amateurish "home studio" photography. All not on a professional level, but I'm having lots of fun and it's a hobby that gets me more into real life and people again. I'm already sitting on a huge pile of pics I personally like a lot, and - a little connection to gaming - I thought about getting in contact with cosplayers or LARPers maybe for some portraits... let me know what you think, it might be a project for the later summer (Gamescom is here in August), if I overcome my shyness and agoraphobia until then. ;)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Apparently there are still some lone survivors working on new content for the game... I wish I could be arsed to open the toolset again, some new and almost unnoticed stuff over at the Nexus would actually be worth it. But me, ever combine 2da files again...? I doubt it. Anyway, have a look, I totally would've used this stuff in Middleforest.

Lights Pack

Pits and Entrances

Visible Breath Effect

Startled Ravens

Great to see new and really nice stuff again, I hope somebody will put it to good use.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What could've been

So very very sad. If you've read my rants in the past you should remember my hate-filled posts about Bioware's art and design decisions. So here's what could've been and the only question left is why don't they have the balls to actually do it like that? Sigh.